Kisai Entertainment is a Webtoon Production House established at 2017 in Indonesia. The name itself comes from Japanese word of Ki Sai meaning Talent from God. We are focusing on developing in house original IP's and under our guidance we help polishing creator's IP's to the best of their potential while distributing them to our publishing partner. One of our strongest point also comes from illustrating a webtoon requested by Client, whether it comes from their original story, Novel, Games, or Mascot.   Our biggest mission is to create the highest quality of heartfelt story through beautiful illustration that can entertain not only Indonesian reader but also Global audience. While our other mission is to be a haven house for talented artist who wanted to create webtoon as their full time job.  For the past two years we have worked with over 40 artists and have created 5 original IP's, guiding and help over 30 titles to get published both locally and globally, and have work over 10 titles requested by clients from Indonesia, USA, Korea, and China. 

Our Vision

Create heartfelt stories

with beautiful illustrations.


Become a place for those who want to make the webtoon a full-time job.

Our Mission

Have a strong editorial team,

Finding more global partner.

Create a creative studio that is suitable, comfortable, following the standards of a professional production house studio.

Our Value

Go Global

Invest in Creativity

Strengthening Core Brand

Let's meet our team!

Tessa YP

Chief Executive Officer / Editor in Chief

Tata Andreas

Chief Operating Officer


HR Officer

Zaky Anvari

Public Relations Manager

Haris Adhiputra

Legal Officer

Nathanael Edison

PR Graphic Designer

Khamila Dyah N

Art Editor

Cindy Claudia

In-house Webtoonist

Arifah Jasmine

PR Illustrator

Juan Demas

Art Editor

Adisty Atsa

In-house Webtoonist

Popi Mitaya

In-house Webtoonist

Nelly Kurniati

In-house Webtoonist

Luccian Calvin

Story Editor

Darren C

3D Background Artist

Cindy Claudia

In-house Super Webtoonist

Juni Elkurnia

In-house Colorist

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