American Webtoon Publisher, Tapas Media, Working Together with Kisai Entertainment to Prepare for an upcoming USD 700.000 Budget Long-Term Project

Kisai Entertainment has signed a contract with American webtoon publisher, Tapas media, for a long-term project with USD 700.000 budget to create around 30 new webtoon titles that will exclusively release on Tapas Media webtoon platform, In the near future, Kisai Entertainment will start to scout talented talents from Indonesia on a various field to be involved on this mega project.

Tapas Media itself has been already releasing thousands of titles on their own platform and distributing their titles to many countries, i.e. Korea, Thailand, China, and Japan.

“Our (Tapas Media) mission has always been to help creator publishing their works. There are a bunch of talented talent scattered all around the world with their own perspective and unique story to tell, including creators in Indonesia,” Head Studio Tapas, Gabrielle Luu said, “We hope trough this project would give more spotlight to those individual and encourage them to start their career with Kisai.”

Located in California, USA – Tapas media has been become one of biggest company in webtoon industry globally. Here are some of the titles that has been produce by Kisai Entertaintment since they start working together with Tapas Media:
• The Beginning After the End – TurtleMe (author), Fuyuki23 (main artist).
• Three Lifetimes – Kerbasi (author of the original novel), Zwart (main artist). Adapted from novel with the same title.
• A Werewolf Boy – Kikutama (main artist). Adapted from popular Korean movie with same title and produced by CJ Entertainment.
• Love in Time – James Chen (author), Punilatte (main artist). The main character of this title is based on Ki Hong Lee, a Korean descendant actor famous by his role as Minho on Maze Runner.
“After working with Kisai for a few years, we are very impressed with their talent and work quality own by people at Kisai. We look forward to working together to create more new titles with Kisai.” Tapas Media CEO, Chang Kim commented.


Tessa YP, as the CEO, founded Kisai Entertainment in Jakarta circa 2017. With mission to advance comic industry in Indonesia, especially webtoon, Kisai Entertainment gather a lot of talents from Indonesia and working together with them to produce webtoons that have heartfelt story as well as beautiful illustration and later distribute them to various publishers such as Tapas Media. The works developed by Kisai Entertainment are original story webtoon and also story adapted from novel. Within 2 years, Kisai Entertainment has working with lot of comic artists to produced more than 30 webtoon titles that mainly focus on drama, romance, and fantasy genre.

Kisai Entertainment must prepare to be ready to handle this project as a whole. “In order to be fully prepared with this project, we will do some improvement, either to our equipment, library assets, as well as working environment for our team,” answered Tessa when confronted with that statement, “With those improvement, Kisai hope to be able to working along with artist that have the same passion to advance webtoon industry in Indonesia.

With this mega project on their hand, Kisai Entertainment is going to gather much more talents from Indonesia on various field to join this project and opening grand recruitment, soon. Kisai Entertainment will always flourish along with the creators to build webtoon industry in Indonesia in the eyes of local and international public. Kisai Entertainment want to strengthen the fact that webtoon is one of entertainment media that has wide audience, while also spreading message that webtoon business have stable and strong footing on the world of creative industry.

I hope to be able to strengthen webtoon industry with Kisai Entertainment, especially in Indonesia. I grew and lived along with comic as one of form of entertainment and since current comic era is filled with webtoon, I want to participate in delivering stories to entertain our reader through Kisai Entertainment,” Tessa added. Are you a creator? Have interest in webtoon? This might be your chance to contribute!

First published on July 15, 2020 

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